Our Process

Sell Privately

General listing – not exclusive

You have all the Benefits and Protection of dealing with a Licensed Real Estate Company. The best person to sell your home is YOU!
Auckland Private Sale

We follow up with interested parties

Simply email us a list of everyone who has visited your home for a viewing and we will contact them on your behalf. We’ll keep you in touch every step of the way, letting you know which interested parties we are going to continue to follow up on and feedback from viewers about your property.
Private Sale

We negotiate your sale

Then sit back, relax and wait for the offers to come in. We will do all the hard work negotiating the best offer for you and our dedication to our job means we won’t rest until we have.

There is a Better Way To Sell Your Home

Services provided by Emphasis Real Estate are available to all homeowners within the Auckland region wishing to sell their property through a general listing, meaning you can also list your property with an agent on a general listing bases, but when we sell your home, you only have one small fixed fee, not tens of thousands of dollars in commission!

When you market your home via any of the multitudes of avenues, such as home buying websites like Sell Direct or traditional print media, buyers contact you directly. After you have shown them your property and passed their contact details onto us, we will contact them and do all the negotiation work for you.

No Sale = No Fee

Once an agreement has been reached with a signed Sale and Purchase Agreement, we will pass everything onto your solicitor to complete the conveyancing. Then, only when your solicitor has confirmed with us that your property has gone unconditional, will you invoice you.

Save On Commission Fees Now!

Contact us today before you put your home on the market to find out how we can help you save thousands of dollars in real estate commission fees and still have all the protection of a licensed and experienced real estate agent working to sell your property!

Contact Emphasis Real Estate now via our form on your top right to learn more or telephone 021 567 577 today.