Auctions in the City environments

03 Jul

I normally call at least 4 auctions each week. Not great numbers by the normal auctioneering standards, but more than enough to give me an excellent over-view of Auckland and the differences in auction attendance and bidding from suburb to suburb.

It makes little sense to me that the news is full of their normal real estate hype of properties being in such short supply with huge demand from frenzied bidders. Makes it all sound so easy doesn’t it?

Take a property, any property, stick a for sale by auction sign on it and watch the hoards of buyers fight for the right to own your home.

Interestingly, this is exactly the situation I find in the inner city limits, but numbers of frantic bidders somewhat diminishes the further out of Auckland inner city environments, one works.

I wonder at times, why we listen to the media, especially the tripe coming out of the Herald at times.

Do not get complacent with your property marketing – listen to your agent and enjoy the auction process.