About Emphasis Real Estate

Emphasis Real Estate Limited are licensed (under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008) as well as being proud members of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (MREINZ) and are experienced real estate agents, helping you to sell your home within the Auckland region. As experienced negotiators, Emphasis Real Estate strive towards making the selling process simple for the vendor and free of stress by doing all of the negotiation with buyers for you.

In March 2019, the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) brought out their new computer generated FLEXI SIGN AND DOCUSIGN

Both of these programmes allows real estate agents to negotiate your sale on line without having to do the dreaded “belly to belly” routine that so very agents count on to pressure you into whatever they need to complete a transaction (and get paid!!)

Using these 2 computer programmes, Emphasis Real Estate is one of the first Companies in New Zealand to move with the times and with the reassurance of complete compliance with the REINZ as well as the legal profession, you are guaranteed a safe and stress free sale.

With this technology available to all agents and having been developed by our Governing body, you have to ask yourself why aren’t the agents and their companies not only providing this to the public, but why don’t the salespeople even know about these programmes

The answer is simple, why would they admit to having this time saving apparatus available and utilise it and then have to answer the question of “why are you still charging me $35-50,000 in commission”

Have a look at You Tube under FlexiSign and see what our Governing Body (REINZ) is promoting and then ask your agent why they are not using these programmes (most would not even know what you are talking about

Real Estate Negotiator

Mike Van Wagoner is one of Auckland’s most experienced Real Estate Agents and Auctioneer.  He is the proud owner of Emphasis Real Estate and having been a real estate agent for more than 25 years and an auctioneer for 21 years, he knows his stuff.

Mike has many years of experience both with owning and managing both his own and other well-known real estate companies, as well as training others in the industry. There is no one offering such outstanding negotiation services or is more experienced than Mike, in achieving the best price for all his vendors. Results driven and an expert in communication and negotiation, Mike prides himself on being a Member of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (MREINZ) and an Associate of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (AREINZ).

Have you got a question? Email us using the contact form to your right or phone 021 567 577 for more info.

Why Use Us To Sell Your Home?

We are: 

  • Experienced negotiators.
  • Member and an Associate of the REINZ.
  • Experienced and licensed Real Estate Agents (REAA 2008).
  • Excellent communicators, available at all times.
  • Accountable.
  • Dependable.
  • Constantly in contact with you.

We help you:

  • Save on traditional real estate commissions by having one flat fee.  Our flat negotiation service fee is based on the value of your home, no matter the time it takes to achieve an unconditional sale
  • Our fixed fees are based on the following sale price
  • $500,000 – $700,000  sale price – your fixed fee is $6,000  plus GST
  • $700,000 – $900,000 sale price  – your fixed fee is $7,000 plus GST
  • $900,000 – $1 million sale price  – your fixed fee is $8,000 plus GST
  • Over $1 million dollars                   – your fixed fee is $9,000 plus GST
  • This fixed fee is  payable only when your solicitor advises us that your sale is unconditional. No matter the sale price or the length of time it takes to sell !!
  • Offer you tips on selling your home and suggest marketing avenues for you to follow.

We will:

  • Undertake all negotiation on price and terms on your behalf, with interested parties.
  • Follow up after Open Homes or visits from potential buyers and feedback to you their thoughts.
  • Identify and encourage interested buyers to make an offer for your home.
  • Complete all Sale and Purchase Agreements, handing it over to the solicitors to complete the sale once an agreement to sell has been reached.
  • Complete a non obligation appraisal on your property

With No Sale No Fee service, contact us today before you put your home on the market and let us show you that there is another viable way to sell your property and save money doing it!

Real Estate Urban Myths

1/ (and my personal favorite) “We have a buyer(s) waiting and can sell your home quickly”

The fact is that buyers are not loyal to any one agency or sales person. They can read your ads on Trademe (94% of real estate shoppers do) or can read your For Sale sign as displayed outside of your home.

We advertise on the same websites and media outlets as they do (except of course, their personal website)
Buyers, generally, will most likely visit your home on a website first and then if it fits their criteria, will either phone you direct, or attend your advertised open home.

Being as they are not physically chained to any one sales person, they will contact you direct.

2/ “We have X number of offices, or X number of sales people in Auckland”
Does this mean that if they have say, 3,000 sales people on the streets in Auckland, they therefore have 3,000 buyers? (refer to Urban Myth number 1).

3/ “Buyers don’t like negotiating with private sellers as they are not afforded the same consumer protection as dealing with a real estate company”

We take a general listing with you. In this way, we are bound by the very same rules and regulations as any other real estate company.

Buyers are confident that they are protected when dealing with us. After all, we are a Licenced Real Estate Company- just like them!

4/ “We need a sole agency (exclusive) listing with you”

Ask them their commission rate for a sole (exclusive) listing and then ask them their commission rate for a general listing. Same answer all the time- there is no difference in their commission rate!! So why won’t they take a general listing along with Emphasis Real Estate and any other company? (I could give you the right answer, but I do have respect for the Industry as a whole and would never cast a bad thought or bring the Industry into disrepute).

They will then say to you that for a sole (exclusive) listing, you get so much more- like advertising (and then hold out their hand for “vendor funding”) which of course is in addition to their hefty commission rate. You are going to pay for it with Emphasis as well but on top of $6.000. plus GST –NOT $20,000 plus, plus.

“We will do your open homes” – 45 minutes on a Saturday and 45 minutes on a Sunday. Multiply that 90 minutes by the number of weeks it takes to sell your home (average time on market, say 4 weeks) then divide their stated commission payable by you by 360 minutes – well I’ll let you do the maths – a staggering amount of money is being earned for sitting in your home doing the exact same thing as you can do privately (and they’re likely not doing as good a job as you could).

Others may say…

“We contact all interested parties and will give you a written report.”
(Emphasis Real Estate does exactly that and more).

“We will negotiate a sale price for you.”
(Again, Emphasis Real Estate does exactly that and more).

5/ Their commission rate compared to Emphasis Real Estate’s Negotiation Services – along with all of the above mentioned Myths, is why more and more people are turning to this Hybrid method of Sale by Negotiation.

Take some time to read what other owners have said about our services in our reference section of this website.

Call Mike now to discuss the process on 021 567 577 or email us using the contact form on the top right.