General Listing

You Are The Best Person To Sell Your Home!

Nobody knows your home better than you do, which makes YOU the most qualified person to sell it!

With all the tools needed to sell your property at your fingertips, our digital world makes selling your home quick and easy as never before. With the majority of potential buyers using the internet to find available homes on the market to buy, simply listing your property on them is an incredibly effective method of selling your home..

With owners unsure about how to negotiate with interested parties, unable to complete a Sale and Purchase Agreement correctly and uncomfortable in following up with potential buyers who have viewed their home, it’s no wonder that home owners have traditionally listed their home with an Real Estate Company.

Listing your property with any Real Estate Company DOES NOT  have to mean listing as a sole agency or often referred to as an exclusive listing.

At Emphasis Real Estate, we list your property as a GENERAL listing  – meaning you can then list with any other Real Estate Company as a general listing as well.

When you list with Emphasis Real Estate as a GENERAL listing, you have all the same benefits as when you list exclusively with any other Real Estate Company – the BIG difference is, that you will be paying Emphasis Real Estate, a Negotiation Service Fixed Fee  as you will be charged by a traditional Real Estate Company as their commission.

Save Money With No Commission Fees

Selling your home in this manner, will save you thousands of dollars in commission fees, charged by agents when you list and sell your property with them. With the high prices being achieved for real estate meaning higher commissions to pay, can you think of something better to spend your money on?

We are sure you can and that’s why you need to contact us today before you place your property up for sale. We will show you how you can sell your own home, save money and still get the same negotiation services that other real estate agents provide. Without the large price tag, of course!  Check out the fee comparison chart on this website and discover just how much you will save.

Selling As a General Listing Is Simple and Easy With a Negotiator

Auckland Real Estate for SaleSimply advertise your property on one or multiple property selling websites, have a professionally designed sign created for the roadside and let the buyers come to you! Buyers will visit the properties they are interested in finding more about, regardless of whether it is with an agent or being sold privately. Emphasis Real Estate Ltd  can assist you by recommending either the services of companies who specialise in advertising property or  we can advise you on setting up the marketing yourself – all at an affordable price

When you are in your own home and entertaining interested parties, it gives you the opportunity to show and explain to potential buyers about the great features it has, which windows have the afternoon sun streaming into them and what the neighbours are like. Just arrange individual viewing times or an open home to invite buyers to come and take a look, recording all their contact details for us to follow up with.

Then pass their contact details onto us and we’ll take care of all the negotiation over price, terms and conditions and help arrange repeat viewings for you with interested parties. You’ll be kept informed every step of the way and we are always available to talk with you at any time.

Then once an offer is reached, we will help you and the buyer with completing a Sale and Purchase Agreement and work with both parties until everyone is happy. Then we will pass on the paperwork to the solicitors to complete the final sale process.

Give us a call right now to find out how we can help you sell your home privately and save on traditional commission costs today!

Phone 021 567 577 now for more information or complete the contact form to your right.