Interested Parties

There Is A More Cost Effective Way To Sell Your Property

Many people are concerned that they may make a mistake when selling their home  and only real estate agents can sell a home with their sole agency or exclusive listing

This is far from the truth. As the property owner, you are the BEST person to sell your home. An agent does not know your property like you do. You can show buyers the outstanding features of your home and explain to them why you love you home, making them fall in love with it as much as you have!

Interested In Selling Your Home With  a General Listing?

Making the decision to sell your home is both exciting and nerve racking. But let us show you how easy and simple the whole process really is! Contact us today and let us explain how you can sell your property for only a fraction of the cost of listing it with a real estate agency as a sole or exclusive listing, yet have all of the negotiation services that are provided by an agent done for you by us!

At Emphasis Real Estate we are licenced and experienced real estate agents and experts in negotiating the best sale price for our clients. We will follow up with all interested parties and viewers of your home, working with them to make an offer for your property.

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How We Sell Your Home

Private SaleAfter you have shown people around your home, simply email us their contact details and we’ll get in touch with them for a chat about your property. We will keep you constantly up to date about who we have contacted, the time and date we talked with them and let you know what they thought about your home. Our experience will let us identify all the interested parties and we will continue to follow up with them.

Once we have identified who wishes to make you an offer, we will talk with them about price and any conditions such as finance options or LIM report they might like to include. Then we will complete a Sales and Purchase Agreement for them, including all the requested details and email it to them to complete. With no time constraints or other pressures being put on the buyer, they sign the document and send it back to us.

Then it is time for us to use our negotiation experience and get you the best price possible for your home. We will work with you and the buyer to ensure you sell your home for the price you want.

Multiple Offers? No Problem!

We love working with multiple offers for a property. Using our negotiation skills we will work with all interested parties to achieve the sale of your home, all for one low flat fee.

Get in touch with us today and let us do all the hard work of negotiating the best price for you when selling your home privately. There is another viable way to sell your home cheaply and we want to help you achieve it.

Phone 021 567 577 now for more information or complete the contact form to your right.